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I’m Alex and I help Fampreneurs™ (family-focused entrepreneurs) create profitable and purposeful online businesses so they can have more freedom to enjoy their faith, family, fun and financial breakthroughs without guilt!

My first successful business back in 2003 taught me what it was like to give my family everything I never had. Oh yeah, with one big exception... ME.

Sure, we had stuff (nice house, luxury cars, regular travel), yet something was missing. I was working from 7am to 11pm trying to be successful but I had forgotten WHY I wanted to succeed.

It was about being able to have the freedom to experience life alongside my wife and kids, make a significant contribution in the world and being able to grow a business that supports the people and things that matter most.

Since then I’ve built several businesses around the life I want and I love to show other mission-driven entrepreneurs like you how to rock their family life while creating an awesome business they love.


The Entrepreneur Dilemma

Have you found yourself lost, overwhelmed and unclear about the direction you should take and you know with the right vision and mindset your life and business will be transformed?

As a young boy, I experienced two different worlds of business and finance from my parents.

On one hand, my mother was extremely hard working and driven to provide my brother, sister and I with a good life as a first generation immigrant. She was very disciplined with her time and money and made sure she was home when we got out of school to have a snack ready, help us with our homework and make dinner.

She made sure to share with us biblical wisdom any chance she had. She would always budget her money and save every dollar she could to keep moving up in society in order to give us more opportunities.

On the other hand, my father, also an immigrant, was a successful businessman who held a management position while also running his own business from home. He taught me a lot about business and entrepreneurship from what I observed, however, what I didn’t get as a result of his dedication to success was a lot of quality time with him.

While my mother was extremely frugal and dedicated her time to her family, my father stopped at nothing to achieve financial and business success for his family.

This conflict between my parents gave me mixed ideals of what money, business and life was all about.

Every Trial You’ve Faced Was Just Preparation

With a complete lack of clarity and little instruction but a burning desire to succeed, I failed my way to temporary and purposeless success.

Here’s the valuable lessons I’ve learned along the way.

  • I started my first business at 22 and gave it away while still profitable. I had a partner that wasn’t aligned to my philosophy of business which is to operate a business based on integrity, providing massive value and improving my clients’ lives both short term and long term.
  • My second business started shortly after in a miraculous fashion (you can ask me about it later if you’d like) and it quickly became highly profitable within a matter of 3 months. Ultimately, after 3 years, I shut the doors while still going strong. I wanted to give my family a better life but it was at the expense of not having me to share that better life with. I was working like a mad man and it was no longer worthwhile to trade money for family.
  • After two successful runs in my own business, I got lost for a while trying to discover who I really was as a professional and in the marketplace. I was jumping from opportunity to opportunity and didn’t stay focused on any one long enough to make anything of them.

Then came 2008 and we lost everything that we thought was everything. We had achieved a lot in life and business in the previous 7 years of business and suddenly everything we worked hard for was gone.

We lost our home to foreclosure, sold our luxury cars just to stay afloat and were left with zero dollars in the bank. Worse of all, I didn’t know if my marriage and family was going to survive.

Here I was chasing opportunities to be a successful entrepreneur and I was losing everything.

You can probably imagine what happens when desperation and depression hit. It nearly destroyed our family and I was losing faith.

A Simple Shift In Focus And Perspective Can Change Everything!

After this whirlwind of disaster, I had to pause and reflect about what happened. I’d survived one of the most trying times of my life and others began asking for advice knowing what I’d been through. I managed to lose it all… yet I kept the most important things in tact:

Faith, Family, Friends, Fun, And The Ability To Change Every Financial Situation Through Entrepreneurship

At first, I didn’t realize what was going on. People were asking us how we overcame foreclosure. Couples were asking us how we survived such a financial blow. And many others asked how I managed to lose two successful businesses and start all over in a new venture while having great results.

Finally, I began to see clearly and my life was full of purpose again. Seeing lives transformed by just sharing my experience was the trigger that brought me out of desperation and depression.

That’s when I committed to using my gifts to transform lives and families!

Those difficult challenges were exactly what allowed me to help others achieve their dreams and passions in life, finances and business.

I knew God helped us through it and here I am today to tell you that you can also experience this amazing journey in your life where you may have hit rock bottom but know that there’s only one way up from where you are today.

Believe me when I tell you that you can have the life and business that you’ve dreamed of that:

  • is financially rewarding beyond your imagination
  • provides you with the freedom to spend your time doing what you love with who you love
  • helps you create the life you know is possible by helping others improve their lives with what you do

You’re just a few steps away from experiencing more joy, happiness and fulfillment in your life and your business!

…And now the “formal” version

Alex Navas is nationally recognized for his financial expertise and exceptional small business marketing methods. He has been active in finance, marketing, sales and personal development for over 15 years.

Through his tenure in corporate America and his experience in owning two successful mortgage companies and a small business marketing and training firm, Alex has become an expert on technology, management, leadership, and marketing best practices for a diverse range of  businesses and organizations.

Before founding Amplified Results, Inc., Alex became a highly successful entrepreneur and internet pioneer making money from creating and selling information products, providing video trainings, speaking and coaching on small business, sales and marketing.

Aside from coaching and consulting, Alex is passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise with others through webinars, teleseminars, workshops, and conferences.

He is always ready to talk about God, family, business and money and is available to speak to groups interested in developing themselves financially and spiritually.

Alex lives in Chicago, IL with his beautiful wife Josie and energetic and charismatic son Christian.

If you’re looking for an energetic and charismatic speaker or trainer, or are interested in professional coaching, be sure to contact us for a consultation.

“Success comes much easier when you’re having fun and operating in your purpose” – Alex Navas

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