Hey, I’m Alex Navas
I’m an Online Business Coach determined to show you how to grow a wildly profitable online business that gives you more money, time, and freedomOn Your Terms !

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How To Create Premium Products/Services That Sell With Ease

Your Knowledge and Skillsets Are Worth Way More
Than You’re Settling For Right Now!

That was me too until I discovered how to turn my expertise into
lucrative offers that perfect customers and clients craved! 

After hustling my brains out 12-14 hours a day trying to make my online business bring in consistent cash, I was ready to throw in the towel.

Here I was committed to growing the business, yet I was sacrificing time with my wife and kids without being able to create a predictable return on my time spent.

Have you experienced this? Working and grinding with little to no return, and definitely not living your best life.


because I’m gonna show you how to…

Activate Wake Up Money™ so you can create predictable cash flow from your online business and free yourself up to live life on your terms!

Having Wake Up Money™ in your business is the first step to grow your dream business, an online business you absolutely love, that gives you time, money and flexibility to experience the fullness of life, not trade it in for “success”.

Once you’re hitting five figure months, then it’s time to unleash my second instrument for a freedom-based business.

I call it Income Through Impact™, my unique coaching experience that will guide you to unlocking the treasure chest of transformational value you already carry inside of you, how to package and price it as a premium offer, and then sell and scale that offer with far less effort than you think.

Are you ready to create more consistent and predictable sales from your online business?

If you’re finally ready to serve your perfect clients, charge what you’re worth, and sell and deliver results with ease, now is the best time to start.

Here are 3 ways to start now…

Download my FREE Premium Offer Pyramid™

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Join family-focused business leaders all over the world

Discover How to Scale Your Business With Ease.

Get help creating and selling your OWN premium offers.

But don’t just take it from me, here’s how I’ve helped entrepreneurs & thought leaders like YOU:

Alex aided in the production of everything from email campaigns to ebook to webinars to demo videos. Together, these assets have yielded over 1,000 new sales leads with more coming in each day!

— Kent Woodyard, Mogiv Donation Platform

Alex has been instrumental in my business growth and success this year. I’m more focused on the things that DO matter like profiting and forward thinking.

— Bess Blanco, FRESH Start for Health

Are you ready for a SUCCESS STORY of your own?

You CAN have it all: a profitable and purposeful business that gives you more freedom to travel, enjoy life, focus on your family, and impact the world!

Get your free copy of the…


Premium Offer Pyramid

Premium Offer Pyramid

How To Create Premium Products/Services That Sell
With Ease So You Can Finally Charge What You’re Worth!

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