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I’m An Online Business Coach And I Help Fampreneurs™ (Family Focused Entrepreneurs), Thought Leaders And World Changers Attract An Audience Of Ideal Clients And Get Their Message To The Masses.

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I have a mission driven business/organization that’s ready to reach the masses.

It’s time to move my vision forward, communicate my value clearly and powerfully, gain more visibility and get my message to the masses so I can change more lives!


I’m a Solopreneur passionate about creating a more profitable and purposeful online business!

I’m ready and committed to ignite my income, influence and impact so I can serve more people and create a life I love without sacrificing my faith, family, fun, or freedom.

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Attract An Audience Of Raving Fans

Why find clients one at a time when you can tap into audiences of your ideal clients.

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Income, Influence & Impact

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Alex Navas has been instrumental in my business growth and success this year. I’m more focused on the things that Do matter like profiting and forward thinking.


With Alex’s help, we were able to generate 350 brand new leads that we were now able to nurture. It also resulted in 36 highly qualified consultations all on autopilot.


Alex gave me advice that allowed me to dramatically increase my revenues. I made more money in one week that I made all year selling products.


About Alex Navas

I’m Alex and I help family-focused entrepreneurs create profitable and purposeful online businesses so they can have more freedom to enjoy their faith, family, fun and financial breakthroughs without guilt!

My first successful business back in 2003 taught me what it was like to give my family everything I never had. Oh yeah, with one big exception... ME.

Sure, we had stuff (nice house, luxury cars, regular travel), yet something was missing. I was working from 7am to 11pm trying to be successful but I had forgotten WHY I wanted to succeed.

It was about being able to have the freedom to experience life alongside my wife and kids, make a significant contribution in the world and being able to grow a business that supports the people and things that matter most.

Since then I’ve built several businesses around the life I want and I love to show other mission-drivenentrepreneurs like you how to rock their family life while creating an awesome business they love.

Basically, I help purpose driven entrepreneurs build highly profitable businesses with a bigger purpose. Read more…

Alex Navas

Captivate Your Audience & Convert Them To Clients!