No More Talking About Business. It’s Time To Get Into Business

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Ok, let’s get one thing straight. Talking about your business and sharing what you’re going to do over and over is not the same as actually being in business. It all starts with the idea, then you have to plan things out, but there’s a point in time where just talking about it becomes the equivalent of playing business like we used to play Legos, Barbies or GI Joe’s as kids (I’m dating myself a bit).

Do you remember when you were a kid and you would set up elaborate scenarios with your toys and envisioned your toys being part of amazing journeys and events? I do and it was super fun.

While it was a good way to use our imagination and creativity, nothing serious came out of it. Once the games were done, everything was packed away leaving the normal life exactly the same as it was before.

Unfortunately, as grown ups, many entrepreneurs are still playing the same games they did as children. There’s a destructive pattern that I see while coaching and training entrepreneurs that keeps them stuck and accepting far less success in life and business than what’s really possible for them.

You see, the longer you remain stagnant thinking about every possibility that may arise in your business, the longer you delay actually getting into business and finding out what possibilities really apply to you.

What Causes People To Hesitate Getting Into Business?

There are tons of reasons why this happens but in my experience, most of it comes down to mindset and disempowering life experiences from the past that haven’t been overcome.

What I mean is, you can have the greatest products and services, know for a fact that people actually need and want what you offer, but you still sabotage yourself by thinking about all the negative things that may happen.

I call this The Illusion Of Defeat. It’s when you limit your actions or decisions based on circumstances that haven’t occurred yet and may never occur.

It’s like telling yourself “I won’t get started because nobody will ever buy what I have to sell”, even though you’ve never approached people with it or even researched or tested the concept. You let the illusion keep you from ever getting started. This illusionary belief has never been proven and yet it’s treated as fact.

With those types of illusions and imaginations, it’s no wonder why so many entrepreneurs would rather play business than actually get in business. Unfortunately, playing business will never give you the life you’ve envisioned.

How To Break Free From The Limitations Keeping You From Getting Into Business?

It may be scary and intimidating to get into business but let me assure you, it’s totally worth it. I started my first business when I was 15 years old and loved it ever since. As I look back to those days, I used the following steps to help me get over my hesitations and get right into business providing value in exchange for money (that’s the true simplicity of business).

  • Discover Your Value Vault – whether you’re 100% convinced yet or not, you have the ability to provide exceptional value to people who want and need your help. There are things that come easily, quickly and naturally to you that can provide others with freedom and end frustrations. Take an inventory of the skills, abilities and education that you have that may be of service to others.
  • Remember Your Why – fears and doubts will come your way but that’s when it’s critical to know your WHY; your big reason why you must succeed in your business. Think about it. If you’re in business to provide your family with a stable and secure home, then little fears and doubts are meaningless in comparison to the quality of life you provide your family with. Your big WHY will silence your fears and doubts. <–click to tweet
  • Empathize With The People You Serve – if you don’t do it for yourself, get into business for the people you have to capacity to serve. Remember, people don’t buy products and services, they buy solutions to problems they face. You have the gift of being a solution for someone and not stepping up and into your business means they may be stuck with their problem for longer than they should be. Feel their pain and commit to setting them free.
  • Awaken Your Purpose – not everyone’s purpose is fulfilled through a business but if you’ve read this far, there’s a good chance yours is. Your business doesn’t only impact your immediate customers, clients and partners, it also creates more opportunity to give back and contribute in bigger and more meaningful ways. With your own business, you have the freedom to give more of your time, money and resources to the things that matter to you most.
  • Maximized Money Potential – we are talking about a business here, not a hobby, ministry or volunteer opportunity. You’re in business to make money and a business will remove the financial ceiling from your life once and for all. Am I saying you’re guaranteed to make a certain amount of money. NO. What I am saying is you no longer have anyone else dictating what you’re worth because now you provide enough value to continually increase your worth.

Your Next Step To Launch Your Business

With these 5 principles in mind, you’re better equipped to deal with the limitations keeping you playing it safe. You now have some steps to take to go from playing business to actually being in business. These steps are called the D.R.E.A.M. Breakthrough Process (did you catch the acronym as you were going through them) and they strategically get you past your limiting beliefs and old mindsets to set you up for massive success as you launch your business.

Go through these steps and begin writing down your thoughts, feelings and responses to each of them. They’ll help you get clearer on why NOW is the best time to get started in business. If you need help or want to work one-on-one, I can help with that too.


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