3 Steps to Your Best Market Positioning Strategy

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Let’s talk about your market positioning strategy and learn how to really level up.

At this point, you’re not getting the business that you want. You’re not getting the revenue that you want. 

What I want to dive into is leveling your offers and creating your market positioning strategy.

So right now you’re probably trying to price, right? You’re trying to get the right clients, you’re trying to work with a certain set of people in the right way and get massive results, but you’re doing it the wrong way. That started from the very beginning and it’s how you operate your business.


Level one of the positioning strategyLet’s Start at Level One.

So level one is when you’re trying to sell or transfer information. What you’re doing is you’re actually educating people. They’re gaining a certain skill or they’re understanding a certain concept.

But at this level, you’re exchanging money for information and because information is so readily available, then it’s not really going to be priced at a premium, right? Because it’s just information.

I could go get it for free, but sometimes I’ll just pay somebody. I don’t necessarily have an urgency. BUT, if there’s a little bit more urgency, then I start moving into level two and every level here will dictate a certain investment from your clients depending on your market positioning strategy.


Level two for market positioning strategyOnto level two.

Level two is all about trading money. Now they’re exchanging money for a specific transaction.

For example, I used to do websites. I used to have a marketing agency, and at the transactional level, people would pay me for a website.

They paid me for a marketing firm. They paid me to do the ads. It was transactional. It was you pay me and I deliver something to you.

This is something tangible.

Oftentimes at that transaction level, it’s more valuable than information because I’m not just giving them something to learn, I’m giving them something they can actually implement. I’m giving them a process, metrics, documentation, business practices, etc. I’m giving them something that they otherwise would not have been able to achieve,  OR would have achieved with very different and less satisfactory results. 


Level Three for market positioning strategy

And so we step up to this next phase.

The third phase is where you start tapping into this idea of serving people at a premium level. Why? Because it’s not just a piece of information anymore. You’re not just doing it for a transaction. You’re actually doing it for transformation.

That’s where people are willing to pay and invest money because now what you’re doing is not just educating them.

You’re not just exchanging a skill, but you’re actually empowering them to get a result,

This transformational level is helping people see your value. Recognizing that the thing that you deliver, the transformation that you deliver is a means to an end. And in order for this level to bring the greatest impact you need to identify what the end is for them.

What do they want to accomplish?

What do they want out of this thing?

Think about this:

Today, there are tons of videos showing you how to build a website and guess what? Many people still don’t have a website. So that will tell you that it’s not just about the information.

There are template hubs out there. There are places you can go and download certain designs. There are places that you can get access to resources to help you build your website a lot faster, and yet it doesn’t guarantee that they’re going to have revenue producing websites.

That’s where you come in. You give them what they need to get the outcome, to empower them to get the results right. 

I would tell people, sure you can create your own website. But it’s going to take you three times longer than someone like me who works intuitively and effectively. Essentially I am saving you the time it takes to learn how to manipulate a template, the time it takes to edit your site in the way you want, and the time it takes to fix anything that goes wrong with it. By saving you time, I’m making you money. 

See the transformation?

We want to make sure that every life we touch is impacted, is improved and has elevated to a higher level, to a new opportunity in their lives that they never had access to before. 

This is all about leveling up your offers and perfecting your market positioning strategy. 

Because in the end, I want to be somebody that really impacts people’s lives. That’s where I went to operate from.

I want to be a level three entrepreneur where I change lives and impact people. 

So if you want to talk about moving your business to the transformational level, let’s chat. Let’s hear about your business and see what opportunities you have. 

If you want more flexibility, more time, more leverage, more freedom in your expert business, and a better market positioning strategy, check out my Premium Offer Pyramid. And if you have questions, make sure you comment here or DM me on Instagram @AlexNavasPro.

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