Should You Niche Your Christian Business?

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I’d like to share something with you that you can do right now to begin building your business. It can bring you more clients, leads, and customers with less time and effort when you simply do this one thing.

Too many of us try to serve everyone. You may have great products and services that could help literally anyone, but the truth is, unless you have a specific target market that you’re concentrating on, it will be difficult to effectively communicate your message. This is because the scope of ‘everyone’ can include a variety of folks, from small children, students, young parents, young couples, couples who have been together for many years, divorced people, and people in a lower income, to highly paid executives, etc.

Stop Trying To Reach Everyone In Your Christian Business!

You cannot reach everyone with the same message because you cannot relate to every single demographic that’s out there.  It’s the problem that most business owners face today in marketing. The average business owner tries to create a marketing campaign that is geared to everyone, but when they try to implement it, marketing to everyone, their marketing speaks to no one. That’s because it’s impossible to comprehend the core problems of everyone.

Not many are teaching this, but niche marketing is actually a very biblical concept. In the Bible, the Book of Acts tells us how Paul was called to go out and preach to the Gentiles. Paul’s products and services were the Word of God – salvation, hope, and placing your faith in the Lord, the One True God. If you think about it, that message could literally reach anyone in the world, but God instructed Paul to be very specific in who he carried the message to when teaching and educating. Even though Paul had a message that could help everyone, God instead demanded something specific; He told Paul to go out and preach to the Gentiles.

And then there was Peter, who preached the Word of God to the Jews. In fact, Peter and Paul got into an argument once because Paul didn’t like the fact that Peter was ashamed to be seated at the same table as a Gentile, but Peter could relate to the Jews.

And Paul – a sinner who was a born and raised Roman – could communicate very effectively with the Gentiles, because he understood their lifestyle. So when Paul had a message – the message of hope – it needed to be taught very differently to the Gentiles than it was to the Jews. The Jews understood the Book of the Law – the Old Testament; the Torah – but the Gentiles had no idea about Jewish customs – the Books of Moses. The Jews had no clue about any of that, so obviously, the message needed to be differently, based on the group that God had called them to speak to.

How Does The Story Of Paul And Peter Relate To You?

Each of us has our own unique set of experiences – failures and successes in life; things we’ve lived through that we can bring into our business to equip us to speak to those we’ve been called on to serve. For me, with The Christian Business Academy, my group is comprised of Christian business owners and entrepreneurs like you and me, that’s who I serve. So the message I’d have for you will be very different from what I would teach to a Muslim group, for example. To a Muslim group, I wouldn’t speak on the Bible or Christianity; I would change my message because I understand who my audience is.

This is the same thing that you need to do in your own business – identify who you are serving and know how you’re going to serve them. Place yourself in your customer’s shoes so that you can see what they’re feeling and the experiences they’re having – are they waking-up every day, stressed about money; are they unhealthy, etc.?

When you understand who you’re serving – their unique problems and lifestyles, etc. – you can directly address the issues that they’re facing. They can then take immediate action, using your products and services, and you will be more likely to find success because you are more concerned with understanding who your customers are and what their needs are vs. what you are trying to sell them.

It’s all about choosing the right audience, and this is a biblical concept, not something that Alex or The Christian Business Academy invented.

Tt’s based on a biblical teaching; Peter had his audience, Paul had his, and you have your audience, and so do I.

It’s up to us to understand the struggles and experiences of our audience so we can provide solutions to the issues there are facing.

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