Episode 3 – Discover How To Create A Powerful Purpose With Jory Fisher

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I met Jory Fisher on Facebook a couple months ago and got to know her very quickly we were both featured as guest expert panelists on a video show.

Since then, Jory and I have developed a friendship because we are both passionate about serving the Christian business community.

The reason why I asked Jory to come on the Christian Business Academy show is because she has a unique gift of helping people discover their purpose and how to use their businesses as a conduit to live out their purpose.

She has a great testimony to share with you and during our interview, she shares her story about how she took a chance, overcame fear and created a successful business that aligns to who she is and the gifts the has.

Listen and learn below. And, your comments and shared would be great to keep us encouraged so be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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