Episode 2 – How Amos Johnson Jr. Grew His Audience With Facebook

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Ever wonder how to grow your audience and reach more people for your business? All it takes is one method that works and keeping consistent with it until you get results.

That’s what Amos Johnson Jr. told me during out 2nd episode of the Enlightened Entrepreneurs Show where I interviewed Amos to ask how he got his business started and how he was able to grow an audience with Facebook. He’s done such a great job that he now has over 5,000 fans and many friends connected and engaging with him on a daily basis.

It wasn’t easy to start with but Amos never gave up. If you’re looking to build an audience with Facebook yourself, you’ll find this interview very helpful.

Learn how to grow your audience with Facebook in this valuable interview with Alex Navas and Amos Johnson Jr.


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