3 Strategies To Give Your Personal Brand A Makeover

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It’s February, Have You Already Done Your Annual Personal Brand Review?

The year is still young and you still have time to give your personal brand a makeover.

This is the perfect time to plan out your goals, make important shifts and adjustments and pave the way for the best year ever in your business.

Preparing your business and personal brand for the rest of the year

During my own planning, I came up with the top 3 things you must shift in your business to create bigger and better results in the coming year. Believe it or not, your personal brand is one of the key areas of growth if you truly want to grow your expert business.

Here are the 3 business shifts to exponentially grow your business using your personal brand:

Focus on Your Market and your message

The more you focus in on your specific market and message, the more influence and income you’ll create.  This year, I refined who I served in my business and how I serve them. It allows you to release parts of your business that are no longer fun and rewarding and make room for what you really want.

Focus on Things that bring the biggest reward to your personal brand

Choosing only 3-5 marketing strategies implemented with excellence can get you more leads and customers than doing 10-20 marketing tactics sporadically. You must focus on the actions that bring you the biggest reward.

Creating an unforgettable personal brand

Creating an unforgettable brand will shortcut your credibility, authority and speed up the relationship building process with both customers and partners. If you don’t stand out from the crowd, you’re leaving opportunities on the table.


After implementing these 3 strategies in my own business, I decided to redo one of my brands in preparation for next year and I can tell you I’m thrilled at the results.

In fact, after posting the new branding on Facebook, I received several messages telling me how much they loved the new design and how it communicated my message more clearly and gave the “feeling” of growth and prosperity.

You heard correctly, my visual brand inspired people to feel a certain way about my business.

Make sure your personal brand reflects who you are and what you’re really up to.

What do you think?

More importantly, what does your brand say about your business?

If you want more flexibility, more time, more leverage, more freedom in your expert business, or if you want help with defining your personal brand, I’ve got a brand new course coming out called The You – Factor Formula to help you define and discover how to build the business of your dreams. 

And if you have questions, make sure you comment here or DM me on Instagram @AlexNavasPro.

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