How To Choose The Right Business Coach To Help You Get Results

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As many of you know, I am a Chicago Business Coach and Consultant and I’ve helped many businesses generate more success in their marketing and sales processes.  During my time in business coaching, as well as my other businesses, there always seems to be a question that arises in clients’ minds. In fact, I’ll venture to say that you’ve probably heard it too.

It’s a question that all businesses should address because regardless if you’ve asked directly or not, people are pondering it in their heads. I ask the same question myself when I’m making a purchase or investment into something.

The question is; “How do I choose the right FILL IN THE BLANK?”. If you’re a dentist, the question looks like this; “How do I choose the right dentist that will help me smile bigger and brighter?”.

Another version may be “How do I choose the right loan officer to help me get the best mortgage for my home?”.

Because I’m a business coach, I’m going to help you know exactly…

How to choose the right business coach to help you get the results you’re looking for.

The main consideration you need to look at when choosing a business coach is what kind of change or transformation are you needing to make.

You need to know that not all business coaches focus on the same thing.

For example, if you’re looking for help in communicating your message in a more powerful and effective way, a communications coach would be what you’re looking for. If that’s what you’re looking for, a great resource would be Felicia Slattery who I believe is highly professional and knowledgeable on the subject.

As for the business coaching that I provide, I specialize in effective marketing and positioning to make you the local expert in your industry so you may become highly recognized and highly paid.

Here’s what you may have realized already. While I shared with you two other coaches and consultants that are all targeting businesses, none of us are really in direct competition since we specialize in a particular area of business growth.

So how do you choose the right business coach? First, narrow your choices down to professionals who can actually assist you in the area you’re looking to improve and grow.

The next consideration is if they’re willing to provide you with value even before taking you on as a client. This is perhaps more important than ever as we are now in the trust economy. Isn’t it true for your business as well.

How can they provide you with value first? For  successful and valuable business coaches, we take the time to create content that can help you grow whether you work with us or not. We see things very differently than other “traditional” business coaches. We don’t just want people to become our clients at their own risk.

Instead, we provide valuable resources such as check lists, whitepapers, reports, articles, and other types of highly valuable content that can help you before you ever talk to us. And once you receive great value, then we show you how working with us can generate even bigger results.

In other words, we put the time in initially at our expense to make sure you have everything you need to make sound decisions for you and your business. We aren’t afraid to give you pieces of our valuable expertise that you can use with or without us. This makes all the difference in the world.

I hope by now you see that not all business coaches and consultants are created equally. The right business coach for you is one who specializes in the area of transformation and change that you need at that moment AND is willing to provide value up front to gain your trust.

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