Stop Creating A Business Of Your Nightmares

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You’ve most likely heard people speaking about “creating a life or business of your dreams”, right?

If you have, you’re in the majority.

But one thing that isn’t discussed is what it looks like when you’ve created the business of your nightmares.

Here’s what that looks like:

You wake up on a Monday morning (just like today) wondering what your day will consist of. You know you have to work on the business but you’re not quite sure what to do and what activities will create new opportunities for you and your business.

And because you lack clarity, you get busy, extremely busy, doing stuff because activity is better than standing still hoping that things will change. You try social media, make a few contacts but still no big breaks.

Next thing you know, 5 o’clock hits, you feel unaccomplished, although you were working, and you try to disconnect from your business to spend time with your family or loved ones but unfortunately can’t seem to truly give them your full attention because on your mind is everything you still have to do in your business and the guilt of what you didn’t accomplish on yet another day.

Sound familiar?

The truth is, it stinks.

I know because I was there for nearly 5 days… nope.

5 weeks… nope.

5 months… nope.

Try 5 years.

Yes, for 5 years I was jumping from one thing to another and nothing seemed to work. I was consulting, coaching, teaching, training, mentoring and working long and hard trying to MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN!

It was a real nightmare, especially considering that others seemed to make it all work out while I was stuck having so many ways I could possibly help people and yet couldn’t find a way to grow it with any consistency. I was making money but nothing consistent because I didn’t know what to focus on.

So here I was, running a business without any direction. Let me just say, that type of plan can lead you towards everywhere except what you actually want. After tons of frustration, anger and even a little bit of hatred towards the business I created, I had to step back and do something different.

I woke up from the nightmare and decided to take control of what I really wanted and stopped letting the tide take me wherever it wanted.

That’s when it all changed.

Maybe you find yourself in that place right now. Perhaps you’re recovering from it as you read this email.

Either way, I want to encourage you that it’s not too late to start on a different path. You just have to decide to change and then follow through with it, even when it gets uncomfortable.

In the next few days’ I’ll share a few steps I took to change the course of my business into one that not only excites me, but is much simpler than I previously experienced.

Here’s a preview;

But before I make you wait on the next post though, here’s a few quick steps you can take today to chart a new course in your life and business.

  1. Get clear about what you want AND what you don’t want in your business. Get specific.
  2. Choose not to compare yourself or your business to others. You are very unique, with your own values, goals, dreams and desires. Their business model may not get you what you actually care about most.
  3. Realize that it’s a process, and like every process, it takes several steps, takes time and takes effort. Forget the magical shortcut. The things most important in your life took time to get and to nurture.

That’s all for today. I encourage you to keep moving forward. You and your work matter. Step into the greatness you were created with. It’s time to use your gifts to change the world.

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