The Power To Empower

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As I was riding the train downtown this morning on my way to serve another client I was contemplating the real job of a small business owner and sales professional. After all, we provide products or services, and sometimes both, so that people will be in a much better place.

When I got here, I heard my name called from one of the construction workers working on the street.

I looked and instantly recognized him. He was a client from several years ago who I coached through the loan modification process.

He was in a bad place in his life and his household was ready to break apart.

After working with him over the course of 8 months, we finally were able to make his payment affordable and allowing him to focus on the important things in life: his family, marriage and health.

After talking to him briefly, he now has a stable job making great money and has a stable and vibrant home life.

Why do I share this with you? To let you in on the secret to success.

You see, I could have done everything for him. I could have let him dump his problem on my shoulders and pass the responsibility to me and let him off the hook as many business owners and professionals do.

I chose to do differently though. I coached him to take full responsibility of where he was, questioned him enough to bring out the best solutions from him, and walked next to him until we got the result we were after.

Our role in business isn’t to take on our customers’ problems; it’s to offer them a transformational experience and empower them to change their path with our help.

We empower them to change, not try to change them ourselves.

When you understand that, it changes your business completely.

You become a highly valuable and paid advisor which stands out from the usual product or service provider.

This past client from years ago has become a referral machine and has volunteered at workshops that I’ve done because of the impact I made in his life.

Once he felt empowered, he wanted his close friends and family members to do the same with me.

Do you see the difference between that and simply doing it for him?

The question is: How are you empowering your customers to change with the solutions you provide?

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