Experience Freedom When You Feel Completely Captive

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Isn’t It Time To Break Free?

When captive elephants are young, their feet are tied with rope to keep them from escaping. The rope is attached to their foot on one end and a stake in the ground on the other.

As they get bigger, older and stronger, they continue being tied to the stake with rope not realizing that their strength far exceeds the strength of the rope.

Unfortunately, being physically captive for so long makes them create an identity of captivity and they just surrender to the thought that this must be what their life is like.

The truth is, they are elephants. Powerful. Compassionate. Purposeful.

They are meant for more but the rope of captivity keeps them thinking they’re far less than what they’re created to be.

Do you find yourself being that elephant at this stage in your life?

Do you know you were meant for more but just can’t figure out how to break out.

The good news is, some elephants get to the point where enough is enough and test the limits of the rope. It’s when those courageous elephants test the limits of the rope that had kept them from freedom that they discover they had the power to break free the at any point in time.

This is for you my friend.

You are powerful beyond measure.

You have a gift to share.

You have a message that will lead people to their own freedom.

Here’s to you breaking through and testing every limit keeping you from who God created you to be.

Here’s to freedom and living unstuck once and for all!

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