Don’t Let Your Business Get In The Way Of Your Family

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Is it just me or are many entrepreneurs SO addicted to the thought of success that they’re willing to trade off their marriage and children in their pursuit?

I used to think that it was necessary to temporarily suspend my role as a husband and father while I got my business to the place I felt it needed to go. When my business got there, I would then have the family time I really wanted.

Why You Must Have A Family Focused Business Now

But what if that time never comes? What if you lose them before you actually get there or what if they lose you before then?

What if you do reach that level of success but your hunger increases for something even more which further delays this magical period of time where your business is good enough to detach and invest back into your family?

I finally got it. I was giving my family everything I never had… except for me.

That changed everything. That’s when I decided it was more valuable to enjoy every moment with them while I build my business than putting them aside for success. Unfortunately, for some, these temporary adjustments have led to permanent loss.

As your grow your business, decide that your family is a vital part of real success.

Build a business that supports your ideal lifestyle rather than creating a life around your business.

What do you think? Comment below.

What are some ways you’ve prioritized your family while you work hard to grow your business?

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