Always remember to keep the main thing the main thing. The truth is, it’s more important to know your WHY than to know your what. Let me explain.

It was just a few short years ago that I was building my second business. It was a mortgage company and we very quickly hit over 6 figures in under a year.

I walked away from my first business due to a bad partnership but now it was time to start over with my wife as my partner. Things grew quickly but I was dedicating all my waking hours to creating a successful business.

One day, as I was sitting in a book store with my son on my lap, I came to realize that I achieved my dream of giving my family everything I never had growing up.

But strangely, it didn’t feel good. We had nice cars, a beautiful house, the ability to travel whenever and wherever we wanted to go, yet I was still unfulfilled.

I didn’t think success felt that way.

I continued analyzing this when it struck me; I was giving my family everything I never had except ME! I forgot that what really mattered wasn’t STUFF, but my presence in their lives.

Dang, how could I have it all wrong?

In my pursuit of success, I lost sight of the very things and people I was doing it for.

While I can’t get those years back, what I did from that day forward was up to me. It was this event than made me face the truth of why I was actually in business.

Have you felt like you’ve lost some things along the way to success? I know how it feels but know that it’s never too late.

Let me take this time to ask you, why are you in business?

In the coming days, I’m going to be intentional about sharing the steps it takes to begin shifting your life and business into one that honors your faith, family and still allows you to create financial breakthrough through entrepreneurship.

Please comment below and share your story. Let’s pursue freedom together!

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